We're (finally) open and ready to get you some plant-based tacos.

Fake Taco - Debut-21.jpg

Tacos were never made for Tuesdays. They were made for every damn day. This is what we've been talking about. 



You deserve more than salads and quinoa bowls. We gotchu. Delivering on your favourite local delivery apps (in the GTA).



Ditch the sandwich platters and out of season fruit trays. You're better than that. Book your taco party and be the office hero.


Meal kits

Old el paso is so 2006. Fake Taco kits are available for delivery to major cities - check back often to see when we're taking over your town.

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1. This ain't your abuela's (grandmother/nanny/grandma/lola/etc) taco. it's anything but tradish. We totally respect their recipes and will often put our twist on the classics, but we're trying to disrupt the taco industry, nah mean? So it's like a fake taco, according to our elders.

2. It's plant based, free of gluten, and no soy to be found here. Nothing against gluten or soy, but If I don't eat it, I ain't serving it to you. 

3. These fake tacos are made with the the realest of ingredients. It's irony, get it?