chef de taco, aminah haghighi

Fake Taco - Debut-10.jpg

Fake Taco was born out of a love for plants and an even bigger love of eating take out.  Vegan "junk" food was still based on gluten and soy and anything that was "clean" was a quinoa power bowl or a sad salad. I wanted to show people that plants can be fun, still nutritious, and tasty af. 

Fake Taco is a play on what real food vs. fake food really is, a twist on what traditional tacos are vs. what we want to achieve at Fake. Food that’s good enough for the carnivore, but made for the herbivore.  

I've studied culinary arts, dabbled in baking, tried my hand at fine dining, and even worked front of house while I looked longingly to the kitchen. A place I realized I missed. Just this time, it's doing what I want in the kitchen while trying to make positive changes to what people consume.

Cheap, quick, and delicious as heck. That’s the void we’re filling. 

wanna taco 'bout tacos?