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Get some coworkers together to have a taco party. Just the fun ones though. Your boss's birthday or a lunch & learn, we got you.

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Submit your info below and we'll plan that office taco jam. Let us know any details, too (like if it's Julie's Birthday).



Wait (im)patiently for your taco box to arrive. Open, assemble your tacos, and have the best damn time of your life.

no more sad lunches.

We're making the work day great again, with Fake Tacos.
We bring the tortillas, chips, and all the fillings. We even bring streamers and selfie props. 
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Actually look forward to lunch meetings.

You know when you have a lunch and learn and you're stuck eating tuna sandwiches from the deli counter downstairs because someone forgot to order food people actually liked?
We here for you.

Fake Catering

Thanks for lunch, everything went well!! The guacamole and salsa went by so quickly! Will totally order again - just in more quantities than you think.
— UberEATS
There was nothing fake about our experience with Fake Taco. From the initial ordering to taco delivery, everything was super efficient. The party was all we could taco’ bout!
— Rachel Kelly, Founder of Make Lemonade
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aint no party like a taco party

Think catering, but actually fun. And Delicious. And Plant-Based. 

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